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This page is no longer live and exists only for reference purposes, for this reason the content here may be out of date.

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The Art of Volunteering

Our Whitworth Volunteers take over the Collections Centre.

The Art of Volunteering

This is a past exhibition which ran from 25 May 2018 to 23 September 2018.

Our volunteers take over the Collections Centre with The Art of Volunteering, a project which explores the breadth of the Whitworth's collections, of over 60,000 works.
This exhibition gives a personal insight into volunteering, its benefits of wellbeing and the influence it has had on their own art. 

“I feel I have a place and purpose that connects me to the outside world. Volunteering gives me a great deal of pleasure and I feel I can find a way to contribute to society in a positive way, which also influences my creativity so it’s a continuing cycle. The Whitworth has been a very influential part of my life as an artist and my love for this gallery grows every time I step into the grounds.” – Julie, Whitworth Volunteer.



Festival of lanterns
, Wallpaper, c. 1930.
W W or Studio Clarke Pitts, John Line and Sons Ltd (1880 (c)-1958)
The Whitworth, The University of Manchester