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Ancient Textiles from the Andes

A rare opportunity to see ancient Andean textiles from c300BC to c1400AD

Ancient Textiles from the Andes

This is a past exhibition which ran from 29 March 2019 to 15 September 2019.

This is a rare opportunity to see ancient Andean textiles of this quality and size exhibited in the UK. Through a major loan from the collector Paul Hughes, alongside pieces from the Whitworth, textiles from c300BC to c1400AD. As well as celebrating breath-taking achievements in textile technique and design, this show explores the complexities of their transition from local ritual to a wider international stage. Vitally, acknowledging the human origins of these objects (from tombs and often from bodies themselves) they are part of a programme of debate about ethics, how objects are contextualised and the impact of conservation on how we understand them.

Image: Ocucaje Shirt with Figure, Paracas culture, Southern Andes, wool loop knit, c300 AD, 70x60cm. Paul Hughes Collection