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Get Involved

Learning together, through making and doing.

At the Whitworth, we’re interested in new ways of doing things. That’s why, from now on, the gallery will operate like a workshop, using art and creativity to test out new ideas. The activities, artist residencies, hands-on sessions and research here will, in turn, inform the exhibitions and events that the gallery develops. The opportunities below are for everyone – from early years to age friendly and from nurseries to universities. Get involved with  any one of them, and you’ll be helping to shape what the gallery is all about.

As you’ll see, we’ve introduced three new strands of activity to get involved with. There’s our School of Creativity, a lifelong curriculum for innovation, making and creative thinking. The Natural Cultural Health Service – nature and imagination combined, to support physical and mental wellbeing. And finally Art in Action, where we’ll be working together to use art for positive change in the community.

Scroll down to discover more, including how you can volunteer with us and useful tools and resources. You can also explore ways to get involved according to age group.