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Our Staff

You can contact the Whitworth via our main telephone number, on 0161 275 7450, or you can contact individual staff members below.

If you have general enquiries about a visit to the gallery, please email the Visitor Team, and if you’d like to keep in touch, please join our mailing list.

If you'd like to join the names on this list please take a look at the vacancies we're currently advertising


Director  Alistair Hudson

Alistair Hudson was appointed Director of the Whitworth and Manchester Art Gallery in February 2018.

Prior to his move to Manchester Alistair was Director of Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art where his vision was based on the concept of the Useful Museum. In the preceding ten years he was Deputy Director of Grizedale Arts which gained critical acclaim for its radical approaches to working with artists and communities, based on the idea that art should be useful and not just an object of contemplation.

Alistair is co-director of the Asociación de Arte Útil with Tania Bruguera – an expansive international project and online archive that forms part of the Uses of Art programmes with the L’internationale confederation.

Senior Executive Assistant to the Director   Helen Fairs   07825 316609

Data Manager  Helen Mark   07831 112808


Visitor Teams and Marketing & Communications

Head of Visitor Team / Access Lead   Chad McGitchie   07500 973269

Visitor Team Manager   Ashleigh Owen   07867 501273

Visitor Team Coordinator   Tahmina Rahman   07798 924196

Press and Media: Please see our   Press and Media   page for further information, press releases and press images

Cultural Communications Coordinator   Joanne Hitchen   0161 275 7472

Digital Communications Officer   Steve Devine   07786 027328

Design Manager, The Manchester Partnership   Ian Smith


Learning and Engagement

Head of Learning and Engagement   Ed Watts   0161 275 8459

Learning Manager   Andrew Vaughan 

Early Years Coordinator   Lucy Turner 

Family Friendly Coordinator  Novae Lee

Primary Coordinator   Steven Roper  

Secondary and FE Coordinator   Denise Bowler  

Youth Engagement Coordinator   Sally Thelwell    07919 560477

Volunteer Manager   Fiona Cariss  

Cultural Park Keeper   Francine Hayfron   07795 128868

Student Engagement Coordinator   Naomi Kashiwagi

Arts and Health Coordinator   Wendy Gallagher   0161 275 8454

Age-Friendly Culture Coordinator   Claire Cowell    07776 170688


Collections and Exhibitions

For enquiries about our collections or potential donations please contact the relevant curator.

For enquiries about curator-led tours or group study visits please contact Uthra Rajgopal by email.

Head of Collection and Exhibitions  Samantha Lackey

Senior Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art, part-time (Monday – Wednesday)  Mary Griffiths   0161 275 8450

Assistant Curator, Fine Art) Leanne Green   0161 275 8450 

Curator, Exhibitions  Poppy Bowers   0161 275 7479

Curator, Historic Fine Art  Imogen Holmes-Roe   0161 275 8450

Curator of the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Collection, part-time (Monday – Wednesday)  Holly Grange   0161 275 8450

Senior Curator, Textiles and Wallpaper (Monday – Thursday)  Dominique Heyse-Moore   0161 275 8450 

Curator, Textiles and Wallpaper (Monday – Thursday)  Amy George   0161 275 8450

Assistant Curator, Textiles and Wallpaper  Uthra Rajgopal   0161 275 8450

Collection Information Manager, part-time   John Peel   0161 235 8892



Head of Development   Jo Beggs   07917 553040

Grant Writer  Olga Gribben   0161 275 8458


Finance & Commercial Team

Retail Manager and Buyer   James Cragg

Merchandiser   Rachel Dakin

Retail Supervisor   Jessica Sharp

Shop telephone contact  0161 275 7498  /  07796996392

Head of Finance & Commercial Services   David Bryan   0161 275 2651

Finance Officer   David Allred   0161 275 7456

Events Coordinator   Leanne Lightfoot   0161 275 7463


Collections Care and Access

Collections Care Manager and Conservator (Textiles)   Ann French   0161 275 7807

Conservator (Preventive and Sculpture)   Sarah Potter   0161 275 7807

Conservator (Paintings)   Michael Bowes   0161 275 7807

Gallery and Museum Registrar   Gillian Smithson   0161 275 2652 or 07920 806147

Collections Image Reproductions and Copyright, part-time (Friday)   Jamilla Briggs   0161 275 8450

Senior Gallery Technician: Exhibitions and Collections Care    Paul Adrian Smith   0161 275 7807

Senior Gallery Technician: Exhibitions and Collections Care   Mark Buchanan    0161 275 7807

Gallery Technician: Conservation and Collections Care   Leanne Smith   0161 275 7807


Buildings and Operations Team 

Head of Buildings and Operations  Clive Snell   0161 275 7460

Buildings and Operations Manager Luke Gleadall 07584543856

Events Services Supervisor   Peter Sweetman   07766 070078

Buildings and Operations Supervisor   Anthony Blackburn   07917 552993

Landscape and Sustainability Technician  Patrick Osborn   07795 151262

Van Driver/Art Handler  Ray Warburton   07867 506944

AV/IT Technician  Tristan Clutterbuck   07500 605339


The Modern Caterer (gallery cafe)

Contact Peter Booth & The Modern Caterer, via the General Manager at  The Modern Caterer   0161 275 7497


The Shop

For telephone orders 0161 275 7498 or 07796996392