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Our Staff

You can contact the Whitworth via our main telephone number, on 0161 275 7450 or by emailing where our Visitor Team will be able to guide you.

The gallery is closed to visitors on Mondays, please see our Opening Times, for details.


Dr Sook-Kyung Lee

Senior Executive Assistant to the Director
Helen Fairs  or telephone 07825 316609

Visitor Team

Visitor Team Manager   Ashleigh Owen  or telephone 07867 501273

Assistant Visitor Team Manager   Tahmina Rahman

Visitor Team Coordinator (Part-time)   Robin Cleary

Visitor Team Coordinator (Part-time)   John Kirkpatrick

Visitor Team Coordinator (Part-time)   Zoe Smith Turner


Development & Stakeholder Manager   Olga Gribben or telephone 0161 275 8458


Data Manager   Helen Mark  or telephone 07831 112808

Marketing & Communications

Communications Manager   Melissa McFarlane

Cultural Communications Coordinator   Joanne Hitchen

Digital Communications Officer   Steve Devine
(Monday – Tuesday)

For all Press and Media enquiries   Whitworth Press

Visit our press and media page for our latest press releases:

Finance & Commercial

Finance Officer   David Allred  or telephone 0161 275 7456

Buyer and Product Developer   Emma Gittins or telephone 07471 119940

Retail Supervisor   Robert Parkinson  or telephone 07393 00830

Whitworth Enterprise Administrator Ruth Wedgbury

Civic Engagement and Education

Interim Deputy Director and Head of Civic Engagement and Education   Ed Watts

Civic Engagement and Education Lead (Interim), and Cultural Park Keeper   Francine Hayfron  or telephone 07795 128868
(Monday – Thursday)

Civic Engagement and Education Lead (Interim), and Learning Manager   Andrew Vaughan

Volunteering and Civic Engagement Manager   Fiona Cariss   or telephone 07554 778269

Civic Engagement and Education Assistant   Gurusha Saini
(Tuesday – Saturday)

Producer, Families and Early Years   Lucy Turner

Producer, Schools (Primary and Secondary)   Steven Roper

Producer, Colleges and Young People   Denise Bowler   or telephone 07342 066483
(Monday – Thursday)

Project Producer   Dominic Bilton
(Tuesday – Thursday)

Producer, Age-Friendly   Claire Cowell   or telephone 07776 170688

Collections and Exhibitions

For enquiries about our collections or potential donations please contact the relevant curator.

Interim Head of Collections   Amy George
(Monday – Thursday)

Interim Head of Exhibitions   Poppy Bowers
(Monday – Friday)

Curator, Modern and Contemporary   Leanne Green
(Monday – Friday)

Curator, Historic Fine Art   Imogen Holmes-Roe
(Monday – Thursday)

Curator   Olivia Heron
(Monday – Friday)

Curatorial Assistant (Textiles and Wallpaper)   Victoria Hartley
(Monday – Friday)
Curatorial Assistant (Art)  Hannah Vollam
(Monday – Friday)

Gallery Registrar   Jamilla Briggs
(Monday – Thursday)

The Whitworth has partnered with Bridgeman to manage the reproduction of our images.

High-resolution images from our permanent collection can be requested for any scholarly, editorial, and commercial usage through them directly. You can browse and search via the Bridgeman Images website.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please send your request to: and

Collections Image Reproductions and Copyright   Image Reproductions


Conservation and Collections Care

Collections Care Manager and Conservator, Textiles   Ann French  

Conservator, Preventive and Sculpture   Sarah Potter 

Conservator, Paper   Dan Hogger 

Senior Gallery Technician: Exhibitions and Collections Care   Paul Adrian Smith  

Senior Gallery Technician: Exhibitions and Collections Care   Mark Buchanan  

Gallery Technician: Conservation and Collections Care   Emma Brown  
(Monday – Wednesday)

Alternatively, contact the team by telephone 0161 275 7807


The Whitworth Café

The Whitworth Café   or telephone 0161 275 7497

Operations Manager   Adam Woof   or telephone 07717 336176

Conference and Events   or telephone 0161 306 4100

Weddings   or telephone 0161 275 2675

The Whitworth Cafe is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-5pm, Thursdays until late.
Menu and service times are detailed here.

Online table reservations – click here

The Shop

The Whitworth Shop is open during gallery opening times

Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-5pm, Thursdays 10am-9pm) 

Telephone during opening hours 07393008304

Visit The Whitworth Shop online.