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We are 11

Stanley Grove Primary Academy

We are 11: Stanley Grove Primary Academy

This exhibition has been boldly curated by the children of Stanley Grove Primary Academy.

Over the past year, 11 lead curators have selected works from the Whitworth’s collection that connect with themes important to them: family, friends, school, entertainment, worries and hopes for the future. The exhibition includes works that span 400 years of creativity, from the casket embroidered by eleven-year old Hannah Smith in the 1640s to Happy Days wallpaper, showing a futuristic sky filled with spaceships. Selecting works that appealed to their imagination, ideas and personal experiences of the world, the curators tell the stories of the things that matter most to an eleven-year old living in Longsight, Manchester in 2018.

6 October 2018 – 27 January 2019

Image: Happy Days, wallpaper, mid to late 20th century. Crown Decorative Products Ltd.