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Economics the Blockbuster

Summer 2023

Economics the Blockbuster

Economics the Blockbuster is a major new research and exhibition project, developed in collaboration with Alliance Manchester Business School.

The project takes up economics as a social, as well as financial, set of relations; one that is shaped by us all through our everyday actions. Recognising the failures and limits of current systems, brought into sharp focus by the ongoing global impact of Covid-19, Black Lives Matter and climate catastrophe, the project uses artistic thinking to imagine and test other ways of living together. Over the next two years, the Whitworth will work with a range of practitioners, from artists, writers, and activists to environmentalists, bankers and technologists, to explore alternative economies.

The project will include an online research platform alongside wide-ranging activity such as artist commissions, residencies, workshops, teaching, social enterprise, publications, community projects and merchandise.

The exhibition Economics the Blockbuster will open at the Whitworth in Summer 2023.



Image: The Whitworth, The University of Manchester
Photo: Alan Williams