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Policy Documents: Code of Conduct

Learn more about the Whitworth's mission and strategic priorities including our updated Code of Conduct

Policy Documents:
Code of Conduct

The Whitworth is a space of experimentation and challenge where art can address the issues of our time. Our activities express the views of the many contributing artists, partners and participants, who each bring perspectives that come from their own experiences. Those diverse perspectives do not necessarily represent the views of the Whitworth and The University of Manchester. The gallery is a place where we can debate, discuss, and disagree well. In order to create an open and safe space for all, we ask our staff, volunteers, partners, and visitors to read and follow our code of conduct.

Please read the details below:

• Respect the space and others.
You are in a shared building. This means that you must use the space safely by following signs and not passing through physical barriers. We also expect that you respect visitors, staff and volunteers as you yourself would expect to be respected.

• We all have boundaries both physically and mentally.
Please don’t assume the next person has the same boundaries as you or that you know or understand the challenges in their life.

• No means no.
Listen and act accordingly; we should always ask others for their consent, for example some people prefer not to be touched so might ask you to take a step back which you should do without question.

• We all have our preconceptions.
Please try to recognise and challenge your own preconceptions and bias. Listen to others and don’t be offended if someone respectfully questions your point of view and offers their alternative opinion.

• Recognise your privilege.
The privileges we often take for granted can divide us if we let them. It is a privilege not to have to think about the colour of your skin or any other personal characteristics.

• Abuse will not be tolerated.
You will be asked to leave the building if you are abusive, either verbally or physically, towards another visitor, member of staff or volunteer. Should you refuse to do so, University Security will escort you out.

• Be kind.
Think about the language you use and the questions you ask others. We don’t expect our staff or volunteers to answer questions regarding their identity, including gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion, or politics. These questions can be hurtful whether they are meant innocently or not.

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