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Tuesday Talks

Tuesday Talks invites leading artists, thinkers and curators to explore the driving forces, influences and sources of inspiration within contemporary art.

The Whitworth

12.30-2.00pm. Free, booking essential

The Tuesday Talks series presents leading artists, thinkers and curators who explore the driving forces, influences and sources of inspiration within contemporary art. The series is a collaboration between the Whitworth and Manchester Metropolitan University and is programmed by Pavel Büchler.


14 March – Stephen Sutcliffe

Stephen Sutcliffe creates film collages from his extensive collection of video and audio recordings. His films and film installations weave together fragments of the written and spoken word and broadcast images to create complex and disjointed relationships. Exploring such themes as self-doubt, class-consciousness and cultural authority, Sutcliffe’s poetic and often humorous works gain their inspiration from an array of literary sources, film and cultural history, biographies and late night television. His recent solo exhibitions include The Hepworth, Wakefield and GOMA, Glasgow (2016), Rob Tufnell, London (2015), and Tramway, Glasgow (2013). In 2015 Sutcliffe won the Contemporary Art Society Award with Graham Eatough to produce a new commission for the Whitworth to be shown this summer.

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21 March – Simon Faithfull

Simon Faithfull's work has been described as an attempt to understand and explore the planet as a sculptural object, to test its limits and report back from its extremities. Within his work - ranging from video, to digital drawing, installation and writing - Faithfull often teams up with scientists, technicians and transmission experts to help him bring back a personal vision from the ends of the world. Recent projects include a film featuring the artist walking through a burning jet plane, a video recording the artist walking through a landscape at the bottom of the sea (created through the help of a scuba diving expert and underwater cameras), and setting alight and sinking a small fishing boat off Dorset coast to create, over time, an artificial reef. Faithfull was born in Braziers Park, a utopian community in Oxfordshire, and lives in Berlin.

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