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Beyond Dementia

Supporting active citizenship in those living with dementia

Beyond Dementia

Beyond Dementia is a Collection Centre exhibition that explores the lived experience of dementia, looking beyond the condition and highlighting the positives.

The exhibition is curated by the Fabulous Forgetful Friends, a group based in Manchester organised by charity Together Dementia Support. The aim of the exhibition and its accompanying public programme is to explore and support active citizenship for these individuals as the producers of the exhibition, allowing a unique approach to better understanding. It looks at how we work with those living dementia, rather than working for, and focuses on living beyond the disease.

The group were introduced to a range of artistic techniques through a series of weekly creative workshops, that included screen-printing and linocut, ceramics, assemblage and horticulture. These creative sessions became the catalyst for open discussion. Creativity is an expression of self, it allows enthralment and wonder, and it opens the mind to limitless possibilities. Creativity also offers a way to forge new identities, to celebrate uniqueness, and allows the capacity to make a mark on the world.

The exhibition displays the craft projects created by the group, and a selection of artworks from the Whitworth’s vast collection that demonstrate the synergy between the arts and wellbeing, and the benefits of culture to aide those living with dementia to remain active citizens.

28 July – 17 September

To book events, please visit our Beyond Dementia events page