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Young People

Whitworth Young Contemporaries

Young People

Whitworth Young Contemporaries is our programme developed by and for young people, aged 16-24.

Whitworth Young Contemporaries
16-24 years olds

Whitworth Young Contemporaries is a group of young people who connect art, ideas, and communities. We are currently running our sessions via zoom but we hope to meet again in person as it is safe enough to do so.

We're excited to share the latest from WYC with you. In 2021 the group created a zine called Liminal Space. Liminal Space leads on from the group's previous project, Other Utopias, which documented conversations the group was having on the Black Lives Matter movement during the pandemic in 2020. Liminal Space is a project built on the work of the Black Lives Matter movement to explore community grief and healing in a post-pandemic world.

Click this link to read or download the new WYC zine – Other Utopia

To find out more or suggest project ideas follow us on Instagram @whitworthyc or email

For the latest WYC news and information follow us:

Twitter @whitworthYC
Instagram @whitworthyc
Facebook @whitworthyc

Image: Whitworth Young Contemporaries, Utopias exhibition, 2020. Photo: Raymond Chan

**Please note:
 All Whitworth events are run on the understanding that all participants will be respectful and thoughtful to others. It is our responsibility to create spaces online that are welcoming and safe. Any behaviour that affects our ability to maintain such values will not be tolerated and attendees will be removed by the host.


We're delighted to be receiving support from Cass Art