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Natural Cultural Health Service

Exposure to nature can significantly reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Natural Cultural Health Service

The Natural and Cultural Health Service is a new programme of outdoor activities that promote good physical and mental wellbeing. From Meditating in Nature, Tai-Chi for Wellbeing to Gardening for good health (GROW), at the Whitworth we have something for everyone, every week.

Sessions are delivered every Tuesday

10.30am-12.30pm, free

Booking required, see details below

GROW is a project that promotes the benefits of engaging in horticultural activities to improve mental wellbeing of an individual.
Working within our beautifully designed Art Garden by landscape garden designer Sarah Price and within Whitworth Park, participants have the opportunity to learn a variety of horticultural techniques and engage with our collections. The aim of this project is to help individuals to acquire new skills, rebuild confidence and to provide opportunities to engage with others socially in a safe and culturally inspiring environment.

To join GROW or to make a referral please contact our Cultural Park Keeper, Francine Hayfron, on 07795 128868

Walking for Wellbeing
Tuesdays, 12-1pm
Saturdays, 12-1pm
Free, no need to book

Escape the everyday and explore the art outdoors. Walking for Wellbeing is an excellent way to get active, explore what’s on your doorstep and make new friends.
We meet at the Parkside entrance of the gallery.
Bringing your own water bottle is advised, especially during warm weather.

Tai-Chi for Wellbeing
Wednesdays, 8.30-9.30am
£6, no need to book

A traditional Chinese internal art for mind and body. Located in the peaceful setting of our Art Garden, Jian Taiji offer 2 qualified instructors at each class, both with knowledge and experience in Chen Tai Chi gained since 1996. Comfortable, flat footwear is advised.

Please note: Participants must enter the gallery via our Parkside entrance. Sessions will take place indoors during bad weather.

Thursdays, 8.30-9.30am
£5, no need to book

No emails, texts, updates or alerts –yoga that takes full advantage of the Whitworth’s peaceful setting. No need to book.
When the weather is fine, this session will take place in The Art Garden.

'Nature is implicit in Yoga.
Asanas are named after animals, creatures, the natural world.
In yogic physiology we are made from and influenced by the elements
And it is our disconnection from our 'home' that can cause us to feel alone, unbalanced, and excessive.

The realisation that we are part of nature, and not apart from it is embedded within my own yoga practice and teaching.
Come and join me to celebrate and honour this fulfilling relationship.'
Karon Mee (Yoga instructor)

Please note: Participants must enter the gallery via our Parkside entrance and bring their own yoga mat.

Meditating in Nature
Thursday 12 December, 5.30-6.30pm
Free, booking required via Eventbrite

Meditating in Nature is an opportunity for you to switch-off after work and experience a deep sense of calm whilst enjoying the beauty of the grounds at The Whitworth. When we are mindful in nature we are able to be in the present moment much quicker than if we were indoors, this is because nature offers us an abundance of beauty and our natural curiosity is heightened by the sights, sounds and smells. At the end of the session you will experience feeling lighter, less stressed and having a sense that you have connected to something bigger than yourself. The session is being led by Claire Morris a qualified mindfulness teacher with a personal mindfulness practice developed over 10 years.   

We meet at the Parkside entrance of the gallery.

Feel Good Kid’s Art Club
Saturday 14 December, 1.30-4pm
Free, booking required via Eventbrite

Join us for a fun and expressive art and mindfulness session for children, set within the beautiful grounds of the Whitworth.
Aimed at ages 8-12, children will explore calming mindfulness techniques all while connecting with nature and creating their own meaningful artwork.
Sessions are created and delivered by Jess Wilkinson, from The Sea Within. Jess has a broad range of experience working with children and young people, in both a creative and academic setting.

Please bring weather appropriate clothing and something to drink.
All art materials are provided.

Silent Spaces
Fridays, 10am-12pm
Sundays, 10am-12pm
Free, no need to book

Take time out and enjoy the restorative benefits of being peaceful in a green space.
All we ask is: No phones, no talking and no cameras.  Thank you.

Visit the Silent Space website


Woodland Maintenance and Winter Tree ID with City of Trees
Thursday 12 December, 12-2pm
Free, booking required via Eventbrite

In 2016, City of Tree planted some new trees in Whitworth Park. Come and join us to help these young trees grow. Along with this practical event, you can learn how to identify trees when they are in their dormant phase and have no leaves.

All tools and equipment will be provided.
Please wear suitable footwear for the practical event.

Natural Ornaments with City of Trees
Saturday 14 December, 12-2pm
Free, booking required via Eventbrite

Get creative making some beautiful ornaments to brighten up any home!  
Whether it’s a Christmas gift or to create something a little different for your home, come and join City of Trees to create some ornaments all from natural materials.

All equipment and arts and crafts will be provided.


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