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Creative Responses to the Menopause

A new range of activities from the Whitworth’s Age Friendly programme

Creative Responses to the Menopause

A new range of activities from the Whitworth’s Age-Friendly programme. All of our sessions are free, some sessions are taking place outdoors at the Whitworth, others take place online, via Zoom, please check each event for details. Please book your place in advance, see below for further information.

Menopause Musing 2021 dates

Menopause Medicine – at the Whitworth
Natural herbs for menopause session
Tuesday 13 July, 2-4pm
Free, booking essential, click here for details
Location: the Whitworth's Art Garden and Garden Studio

An afternoon of herbal knowledge and hands-on herbal tea making.

Join us for the last in our Age Friendly series of Creative Responses to the Menopause.

The workshop will be in two parts:

In the first part, we will be joined by Barbara Wilkinson from The Herb Society, Barbara will take us through a potted history of herbs and their use and focus on a selection of herbs, and how they can be used for various menopausal symptoms. Firstly how to identify them and then how to use them.

The second part of the session will be a hands-on activity with the Whitworth resident GROW facilitator, Liz Cole. Liz will provide a selection of herbs for menopause which we will make into tea and try.

The workshop will take place in the Whitworth Art Garden and Garden Studio, these open-air spaces are located close to the gallery's Parkside entrance. Please use the Denmark Road entrance to Whitworth Park and the gallery's Parkside entrance.

GROW is a project that promotes the benefits of engaging in horticultural activities to improve the mental wellbeing of an individual. Find out more about GROW here.

Click here to book your free place on Eventbrite


Past Events 2021

Past event | Menopause Moves – Online
A dance workshop with Magdalen Bartlett-Luambia
Wednesday 8 June, 10am-12pm
Free, booking essential

Join Magdalen Bartlett in this Menopause movement freestyle session involving African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and improvisation.

The Menopause Movement workshop will be in two parts.

Part one
Travel around the world through dance with Magdalen in an hour. This class will be a fun and cultural dance session at a slow pace involving African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern movements.

Part two
The second hour will be a relaxing and slow-pace creative movement session focusing on a theme chosen by the group to explore how they move in space using different choreographic techniques.
You have the option to join one or both workshops, and please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for dance (t-shirts, yoga pants, jogging bottoms etc. and bring a bottle of water. This session takes place on Zoom, and you can also dance barefoot or with trainers.

Magdalen Bartlett is a choreographer and dancer who delivers African and Caribbean dance workshops. Find out more here.

Past event | Menopause Meditation – Online
Menopause Meditation and Yoga morning retreat with Sara Domville
Tuesday 11 May, 10am-1pm
Free, booking essential

This special Menopause Yoga Workshop, led by Sara Domville, Menopause Yoga teacher accredited by British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance UK.
Join us for a nurturing morning of gentle yoga specifically aimed at women transitioning through the menopause. This workshop will teach you simple yoga stretches and breathing techniques to release tension held within the body, replenish your energy and calm your mind.

Past event | Menopause Mark Making – Online
A drawing/craft workshop with Steffie ElHassan
Tuesday 6 April, 2-4pm
Free, booking essential

This workshop will introduce mark-making, using pastels, to explore the menopause timeline and mark the journey. With therapeutic arts practitioner Steffie ElHassan.
Find out more about 'Steffie’s Arts Space' and Exploring Yourself and Life's Challenges through Therapeutic Arts. Click here to visit Steffie’s website

Past event | Menopause Musing – Online
A creative writing session with Louise Wallwein
Tuesday 9 March, 10am-1pm
Free, booking essential

The Whitworth's Age Friendly Programme is celebrating International Women's Week with an invitation for you to join in our live (Zoom) creative writing workshop exploring the menopause journey in all its glory. This online workshop will be led by Louise Wallwein MBE an award-winning poet, playwright, and performer.
For a positive approach to menopause visit
For further details about Creative Responses to the Menopause or any other Age Friendly activities at the Whitworth please get in touch by email with our Age Friendly Coordinator, Claire Cowell.

Past event | Emergent Strategy: Creativity and Ageing
 – Online
Tuesday 18 May, 2-4pm

Free, booking essential

This event is a project led by the Whitworth ARTivists and is part of the ongoing Age-Friendly Whitworth Older Artists research project. The research has explored how we can, not only support older people as participants but also how we champion the work of older artists.

Taking ‘emerging artist’ as a theme for an online (zoom) panel discussion with a focus on practicing older women artists to explore this further.
For context for this is based on the visual arts long-held emphasis on 'the new', being associated with emerging or ‘young’ whilst it has also traditionally viewed older artists, through the practice of the retrospective.

Join us for a lively and interesting debate facilitated by artist Ekua Bayunu and the ARTivists.
The panel includes artist Alice Kettle. Alice is a British contemporary textile artist. She is focused upon stitched textiles, a powerful medium through which to explore themes of cultural heritage, journeys, and displacement.

Alice Kettle is currently a Professor in Textile Arts in MIRIAD Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University.


*Please note:
All Whitworth events are run on the understanding that all participants will be respectful and thoughtful to others. It is our responsibility to create spaces online that are welcoming and safe. Any behaviour that affects our ability to maintain such values will not be tolerated and attendees will be removed by the host.