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Beautiful Care

An event created by The University of Manchester in partnership with Art of Care, Equal Care Coop, and the Whitworth

Beautiful Care

Beautiful Care is an event created by The University of Manchester in partnership with Art of Care, Equal Care Coop, and the Whitworth.

Beautiful Care – Public Event
Saturday 11 June, 2-4pm
FREE, please book your free Eventbrite ticket here
Location: The Whitworth, The University of Manchester 

In the last two years, we have witnessed the impact of Covid on Care Homes and heard stories of caring on the front line of a global pandemic. The conversation tends to be focused on the failings of the system with Social Care presented as being in perpetual crisis. Without denying the very real problems in our care system, this event focuses instead on Beautiful Care – a practice crafted by care workers often in spite of the challenging circumstances they face.  

Beautiful Care invites different stories of care into the gallery.

Beautiful Care includes an original performance piece composed of interviews with carers explaining the beauty of their work. The performance will be followed by a panel and Q and A session discussing the relationship between the arts and the art and craft of care.

Beautiful Care asks how would care change if it were guided by a sense of beauty?

Beautiful Care is for social and health care professionals, informal and formal carers, people with lived experience of care, those interested in the impact of the pandemic on care services, and artists and creative practitioners working in care settings.

Speakers and performers include:
Jenny Harris, a theatre-maker and artist working with older people.
Participants from Still Parents, the Whitworth’s award-winning project, which supports parents who have experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy or just after birth.
Doreen Milner-Edwards – musician and performer.
Luke Tanner, author of Embracing Touch in Dementia Care: A Person-Centred Approach to Touch and Relationships In Care.
James Thompson, author of Care Aesthetics: for artful care and careful art.
Gareth Twose – poet and careworker.

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Funded by the School of Arts Languages and Cultures, The University of Manchester

Image: Alan Coulson, Beautiful Care