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Richard Long: Land Art

Richard Long, Tideless Stones, 2008

Richard Long, Tideless Stones, 2008


16 February – 16 June *

It was Richard Long who most emphatically changed the artist’s view from that of observing the landscape to journeying through it in his 1967 work A Line Made by Walking. With Robert Smithson, Walter De Maria, Nancy Holt and other artists in Europe and North America, Long was at the centre of the Land Art movement. Since then, Long has made sculptures during his many walks, the art being inseparable from his movement through the landscape. He also works in his studio, making discrete works of art for showing in galleries. The artist describes his practice with typical lyricism, ‘From a mountain top in Africa / To a Tennessee riverbed, brushing through hoar frost / Magic signs, secret journeys / A portrait of the artist touching the earth’.

Two stone sculptures are shown at the Whitworth, White Onyx Line (1990) and Tideless Stones (2008), both made from quarried stone, alongside text works which distill the action and experience of a solitary walk into words.


Land Art Events

Saturday Supplement: Land Art
Saturday 27 April, 3pm, free
Writers, artists and curators discuss the role of photography within Land Art.

Curator’s Tour: Nancy Holt
Saturday 4 May, 2pm, free

Artist Talk with Nancy Holt
Tuesday 14 May, 11am
Free, no need to book
Artist Nancy Holt talks about her work as part of her current exhibition, Nancy Holt: Land Art.

This exhibition is made possible through HAUNCH OF VENISON

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Access to the exhibitions, Richard Long: Land Art, Nancy Holt: Land Art, Sublime on our first floor is currently only available via the gallery staircases.
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