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Nancy Holt: Land Art

Nancy Holt, Trail Markers, 1969

Nancy Holt, Trail Markers, 1969


20 April – 16 June*

A pioneer in conceptual and public art, Nancy Holt is a key member of the Land Art movement, which began in the late 1960s with artists in New York taking their work out of the gallery and into the landscape.

Holt is most well-known for her large-scale sculptural works in the environment, such as Sun Tunnels (1976). Four concrete tunnels, 18ft long and 9ft in diameter, are aligned in pairs along an axis of the rising and setting sun on a summer or winter solstice. Like many of her works the pipes act as viewing devices for the sky, the surrounding landscape and each other, locating the viewer in the landscape and also in relation to the movement of the planets and the sun.
Alongside her sculptures Holt has always used photography and film, not only to document her work, but as a continuation of her interest in with memory, perception, time and space. This exhibition focuses on Holt’s photography and film, from Trail Markers (1969) made on visit to Dartmoor with her husband Robert Smithson, to photographs of Sun Tunnels in The Great Basin Desert in Northern Utah.


Land Art Events
Saturday Supplement: Land Art
Saturday 27 April, 3pm, free
Writers, artists and curators discuss the role of photography within Land Art.

Curator’s Tour: Nancy Holt
Saturday 4 May, 2pm, free

Artist Talk with Nancy Holt
Tuesday 14 May, 11am
Free, no need to book
Artist Nancy Holt talks about her work as part of her current exhibition, Nancy Holt: Land Art.

This exhibition is made possible through HAUNCH OF VENISON

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