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Wednesday Talks

Wednesday Talks invites leading artists, thinkers and curators to explore the driving forces, influences and sources of inspiration within contemporary art.

Wednesday 17 January - Peter Hill

(12:30-2pm, Free)

In the spirit of his long-term project examining the relationship between installation art and literary fiction, Peter Hill describes himself as Assistant Press Officer for New York's Museum of Contemporary Ideas. The non-existent institution is Hill's own invention, one of his 'superfictions' that blur the lines between fictional creation and reality. Hill, who was born in Glasgow, worked briefly as a lighthouse keeper and spent most of his working life teaching at the excellent art school in Hobart, Tasmania, has written extensively about the use of fictitious identities and false evidence in contemporary art and has lectured on the subject around the world. He has now extended the topic 'to look', in his words, 'at the terrible work of Donald Trump and to show that fake news is not as new as Trump thinks it is.'


Wednesday 24 January - Paul Moss

(12:30-2pm, Free)

Paul Moss studied fine art at Newcastle University where he met Miles Thurlow and in 2002 the two artists founded Workplace in Gateshead. Initially an artist-led group, in 2005 Workplace became a gallery focused on developing the international careers of artists from the region, one of the most economically deprived areas of the UK. The gallery quickly established its presence on the international art fairs circuit and in 2013 opened a second venue in Mayfair, London. Its stable of artists ranges from recent graduates to such established names as Eric Bainbridge, Marcus Coates and Matt Stokes and its programme has become an important part of the cultural life in the North of England. In 2017 Workplace expanded its activities further and set up Workplace Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting and exhibiting emerging and under-represented talent and countering the lack of opportunity that exists outside London.



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