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Leading artists, scientists and storytellers share their expertise


“I loved being part of a team and thinking about difficult things. It made me think differently about stories in the media.”

Facing Out: Belonging and Facial Disfigurement                        

7 November 2018, 10am-2.30pm. KS4

With the University of Manchester’s Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology

Is there a relationship between how we look and how we respond to others who may or may not look like us?  Do we identify more with people that bear similarities to ourselves or do we feel threatened?  Is there a relationship between a sense of belonging with people who look similar or is this just a myth?  Find out more about the psychology behind these thoughts through current research, the Whitworth’s collection and series of experiments.

Free, booking essential (40 places)


The Art of Mathematics

9 January 2019, 10am-2.30pm. KS4

With the University of Manchester’s School of Mathematics

Should maths take place in a gallery or are galleries only about the art?  Maths and art take place in our everyday lives and help us to understand the world. Both mathematicians and artists utilise creative thought processes to problem solve.  This workshop is a chance to see Maths and Art differently bringing both disciplines together to make a new equation designed for both Maths and Art  students.

Free, booking essential (40 places)


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