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Art School

Playful, practical and artist-led workshops

Art School

“I enjoyed being part of learning new things, it make me think differently about going to a gallery” Secondary school student

Playful, practical and artist-led workshops.

Choose from:
• Draw
• Make
• Digital
• Express


Artists express what they see, think and feel through drawing, and this hands-on workshop encourages your students to do likewise. They will explore drawing as thinking in sketchbooks or journals and discover new drawing styles and techniques.


Learn how artists, architects and makers build, shape and create, choosing from printmaking, textiles or construction. In these sessions students will make art, communicate ideas and learn new technical skills.


From pencil to pixel develop ICT skills and explore the gallery through digital technologies. Choose from digital collage, photography and animation.


Choose from performance, or creative writing and see your students take centre stage inspired by the extraordinary visual stimulus of the gallery. Working with our team of practitioners, students will learn to express themselves in their chosen art form. The workshop experience aims to encourage all pupils to participate and work together in teams to showcase through creative critique.


SEN Groups

Experience the gallery in a multi-sensory way. Participate in our interactive tour of the gallery, responding to the different spaces, the exhibitions, inside and outside. Workshops are tailored to suit your groups’ specific needs.


Secondary Art School workshops - £120 for a 2 hour workshop
You can use our online booking form to arrange your visit to the Whitworth, or for more information  E-mail the learning team or call on 0161 275 7453