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Leading artists, scientists and storytellers share their expertise

Primary Masterclass

“Inspiring for kids and adults!” Primary teacher

Leading artists, scientists and story-tellers share their expertise. Spark your curiosity and excite young minds with our masterclass series.

We work with leading researchers and academics at The University of Manchester to bring you an ambitious Masterclass series that could only happen here at the Whitworth. The Whitworth is a gallery that places outstanding research and learning at its heart.

Full day Masterclass - £250
Limited availability - book now to avoid disappointment

Art meets Science Masterclass

26 October 2017

Look at art through a scientific lens with the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Matrix Research (UoM). Explore how humans are built and investigate themes such as properties of materials, structure and how cells behave. Pupils will explore our Raqs Media Collective exhibition, and engage with scientists and artists bring- ing to life a world within us.

Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Matrix, University of Manchester
Cell Matrix is an interdisciplinary research centre embedded within the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester.

Remix - Music Masterclass

59 Febuary 2018

Remix the Whitworth, through music and sound. Working alongside multi- disciplinary artists, unlock your artistic capacity and create your own unique piece of sonic art with Pyka and the School of Music.


Pyka are multi-disciplinary artists who work with schools reconnecting learners to their own creative capacity.

The School of Music, University of Manchester

The Music Department at the University of Manchester is a vibrant community of entrepreneurial students, world-leading academics and professional performers whose combination of specialist practical music- making and research-led teaching makes it one of the best in the UK. 


Minecraft Masterclass

1822 June 2018

Get your hands on future technology today. Working with DigiLab, explore the Whitworth’s collection in various forms of digital media. This Masterclass will open your children’s eyes to tomorrows technology. Jump into the Whitworth’s specially commissioned Minecraft digital gallery and shift, shape and manipulate your very own textile design patterns.


DigiLab is a new concept developed by the Library at UoM where space and support is provided to try, test and learn about new technologies