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Great Escape

No emails, texts, updates or alerts – just our series of yoga, meditation and movement sessions.

Great Escape

Take advantage of the Whitworth’s peaceful setting – and some of its wonderful new spaces, such as the beautifully restored Grand Hall – to bring mind and body into healthy alignment.

 Great Escape: Yoga

Thursdays, 8.30am – 9.45am. £5

No emails, texts, updates or alerts –yoga that takes full advantage of the Whitworth’s peaceful setting – and some of its wonderful new spaces. No need to book. 

When the weather is fine, this session will take place in The Art Garden.

Please note: Participants must arrive at our park side entrance for 8.30am and bring their own yoga mat. 

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Tai-Chi for Wellbeing

A traditional Chinese internal art for mind and body. Located in the peaceful setting of our Art Garden, Jian Taiji offer 2 qualified instructors at each class, both with knowledge and experience in Chen Tai Chi gained since 1996.

Wednesdays, 8.30am – 9.30am. £5. 

No need to book.

Participants must arrive at our Park side entrance .  Sessions will take place indoors during bad weather.   Comfortable, flat footwear is advised.





Thursday 6 October, 3 November & 1 December. 2pm – 4pm FREE

Led by Gerry Turvey.

Forget what you think you know about dance and imagine feeling free enough to respond to ideas and artworks using movement. These workshops are about being relaxed, playful, open and free!

No movement experience is necessary. First timers welcome!

Each of the workshops will take the ideas from an exhibition in the Whitworth as a starting point to create movement. The sessions will encourage you to think about shape, sculptural form, design and pattern, through movement. 

All workshops will be free of charge and are open to all.