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Study rooms and stores

Study rooms

The Prints and Drawings Study Room houses almost all the mounted and unmounted collections of fine art. Object files give access to correspondence and research information. Framed works are stored in three picture stores.

The Textile Study Room houses smaller objects. Larger textiles, such as rugs and rolls are stored in the Textile Store.

The Wallpaper Study Room houses flat and rolled wallpapers and some ephemera. Framed works and sample books are housed in the Wallpapers Store.

New mobile storage, installed with the aid of grants from the Designation Challenge Fund, and new plan chests funded by North West Museums Service enable easy access to collections in the study rooms.

The Collections Catalogue, accessible via our web site, is available in the Prints and Drawings and Textiles Study Rooms. There is also access to wireless networking in these rooms.

The reference library, containing a wide range of publications relating to works in the collection and a significant collection of exhibition catalogues, is housed in the different study rooms.

Unfortunately, there is no lift access to the first floor and the stairs are demanding. If you wish to see material from these stores arrangements can be made to bring it down to another level. More information is available on disabled access and our development plans, which include new accessible study facilities.


The Picture, Textile and Wallpaper Stores are located on the lower ground floor, which is accessible by lift. While these spaces can accommodate individual visitors, it is not usually possible to manage groups.